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GOP’s fear of Trump exposes the party’s abject corruption

Fellowship of the Minds

This is a simply brilliant commentary. Highly recommend!

monsterThe Mask Comes Off: Putrefaction Most Foul

by Fred Reed of Fred On Everything • April 28, 2016

I love it: Donald Trump’s campaign reveals the establishment for what it is, a swamp of corruption as fetid as those of Latin America. It is better entertainment than Vaudeville. The frantic scramble to rig the primaries, change the rules, and thwart the voters–anything to defend their cozy entanglement of political tapeworms–makes absurd any pretense of democracy.

This morning in the Drudge Report: “Trump Highest Number of Republican Voters in History“. Whom do the Republicans want to get rid of? Trump.

On the same page a poll reports Trump tied with Hillary nationally. Whom do the Republicans want to get rid of? Guess.

It’s wonderful. The GOP is looking for someone that Hillary can beat. She would squash Kasich or Cruz like…

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